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My Favourite Blogs of 2012

What my desk/kitchen table looks like almost always

What my desk/kitchen table looks like almost always

I think I might spend a little too much time on the internet…

Here are my favourite blogs of 2012, encompassing info from racing to rehab to coaching to women in sport.

(In no particular order, except my top 3 at the end of the list)

Danelle Kabush

Danelle was the 2012 Canadian off-road triathlete of the year…she is also a mom of 2, has a PhD in Sports Psychology, works with the Canadian Sport Centre in Calgary, and is a member of the Luna Pro Team. Not bad!  Her blogs are awesome. I couldn’t pick one but suggest reading: Physical or Mental; A Little Perspective on Sport; Train with a purpose, Race for a reason.

Mom’s Team. Title IX: More sport for girls, but not yet equality

This website has information on just about everything. I picked the Title IX video because although women and sport have come a long way, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Case and point – Emma Garrard’s tweet thanking XTERRA for equal prize money being met with resentment by one of our own pro men!

Along those lines, this is a great video celebrating the 40th anniversary of Title IX.

Melanie McQuaid’s Worlds Recap and Katherine Pendrel’s Olympic Recap

Both illustrated how to be accountable for your performance (especially during a time when other Olympic athletes were behaving at the other end of the spectrum) and demonstrated that even when you’re the best, your body is so complex that even years of experience can’t always prevent problems. Fewer injuries in barefoot runners?

Everything you want to know about the current state of barefoot running research. In summary, there has not yet been an appropriately designed study to demonstrate that barefoot running technique independently reduces risk of injury. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it, just that paying >$100 for shoes that make you run like you are wearing NO shoes ($0) isn’t exactly justified by science.

Alex Hutchinson’s Sweat Science (now at

So many great blogs, so easy to read. One of my favourites this year was about a study claiming altitude training was not effective at improving swimming performance. A few limitations, but what great news for those of us mortals who train at sea level!

Mike Reinold’s Qualities of Experts that We Should All Possess

Mike is the gold standard of internet information for physical therapy. This post was a great change of pace considering how much time we spend working on our skills and knowledge.

FITS Toronto: Coaching is Rehab

I had the pleasure of interacting with the FITS team and Dr. Lam when I was working with Alpine Ontario.

Such an important message – good coaching is SO important. Especially considering how much time an athlete spends with his/her strength or sport coach vs. his/her physical therapist!

Top 3

(3) Jasper Blake’s Retirement Blog

Long but worth every bit of your time. Jasper’s triathlon success is extra special to me, as he also grew up a downhill skier in Collingwood.

(2) Emma Garrard’s Don’t Drink the Water in Utah

Thank you for not being shy about your reaction to being pregnant…for our comedic entertainment and to shine a light on what many of us female athletes think when people ask us – do you want to have kids?

(1) 20 Types of Athletes You’ll See At An Ironman Race (from a first-time spectator) at

Yes, sorry Jasper and Emma, you were runners-up to stick figures. But what’s better than good information? Laughing!

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