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My July of Awesome: Happy One-Year-Anniversary-on-the-West-Coast to me

So its August already eh? I really did have great intentions to blog more often. Then my athlete-physio life happened. After work, training, cooking, cleaning, shopping, eating, and sleeping, the remainder of my hours are spent reading and reviewing healthcare information, which doesn’t leave me much energy to be creative and witty for blogging.

But now that my naturopath and I have made a significant breakthrough in my health and energy levels, I have finally found some time to draft an update:

One year ago I moved west to pursue my athletic goals and live a more balanced life.

Highlights since then include:

  • “Winter” on the west coast. Not so much winter as fall blending into spring. Very excellent if you are a cyclist/mountain biker
  • Being a hospital patient on 2 separate days. I can’t remember the last time I was admitted to the hospital (birth maybe?) so good for me for really getting to know what Victoria has to offer
  • NOT decorating my apartment. Although I feel very settled into my life here, the way my apartment looks suggests otherwise. For example, the coffee table I finally bought in May doesn’t seem to want to put itself together. Until then the vacuum cleaner box is doing the trick
  • Swimming consistently. Big thanks again to Clint and his awesome group. How did I ever swim on my own?!
  • I started my secret training. I guess it’s not really a secret or even exciting but I would like to take something positive from it… I couldn’t afford to keep my car (or any car) so now I bike everywhere
  • MOUNTAIN BIKING!! Now that I am habituated to my surroundings it’s easy to take our amazing trail network for granted. But it only takes a little break from the dirt to be reminded that BC trails are truly epic
  • I feel healthy!! What. A. Difference. Massive thank you to Dr. Levins, ND at Synergy who completely took over my care at the end of June. I thought I had gotten my diet and health under control by doing what a lot of other athletes are forced to do and avoid food sensitivities such as gluten and wheat. But after my first block of racing my average fatigue rating was back up to 9/10 and I was prescribed a round of antibiotics for a staph infection. At the beginning of July I did 2 weeks of emergency diet and supplement interventions (I hope to do a more detailed write up on that intervention in the near future) and completely rebounded in time to race XTERRA Victoria…and actually feel like I was racing and not struggling through. LOVE naturopathic medicine!

And from there my July of Awesome began!

…XTERRA Victoria, the inaugural Island Cup Enduro, and wrapping up the month with TransRockies. My three favourite races thus far.

So it appears it has taken me one full year to get myself sorted. Now that I have my health under control I am a lot more confident that the remainder of this season – and the rest of my career – will be successful and enjoyable.

Thank you Russ Hay’s for making the July of Awesome possible 🙂 and for all your support since I’ve been out here

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