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Let the sport transition begin – what goes down must come up ?

What goes down must come up…. Right??? Read more

Opening Another Chapter – Brittany’s Skiing Retirement

I was in quite a bit of shock when I crossed the line after my 30k at nationals and got pummeled with a burst bottle of champagne! Admittedly the champagne helped to wake me up from my disbelief that this may have been, was most likely to be, actually… WAS the last race of my career. Honestly, I can’t even describe all those feelings going through me: Read more

Chantell’s girls trip to Maui

Training in Edmonton through the winter months isn’t as bad as people seem to think.  Our trails are well maintained and groomed through the winter and it doesn’t hurt that we have to most urban trails in North America.  The one thing we are lacking however is sunlight and Vitamin D.  This is why I didn’t hesitate to book my flight to Maui for a week of cycling, some heat and sunshine with some of my rad friends. Read more