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XTERRA Southeast Champs Recap

Oak Mountain State Park near Birmingham, Alabama hosts the XTERRA Southeast Championships, which is the 2nd of 5 American pro tour races.

I was the lone COG Racing and Canadian female representation this time around and very likely jinxed myself heading there.

I told myself if I could put a good race together here then I would commit to the rest of the series and all the travel from little Vancouver Island that goes along with that plan.

So naturally I DNF’d after riding into 2nd. The best.

The course here is one of my favourites. Warm lake, a fun, flowy mountain bike course with a couple sections to challenge the skills, followed by a nice flat run.

Although Birmingham is a ways from Victoria, the southern hospitality always make me feel very welcome here. It was great to get caught up with Mark and Diane and their doggies as it’s been a couple years since Mel or I had been to visit!

I wasn’t feeling amazing leading up to this race as I ended up with food poisoning after Vegas followed immediately by rallying for the 50km XCM Sunshine Coaster – which was totally worth it!…but made me feel a wee bit tired for a few days/potentially a week.

However, race day really seemed to be unfolding awesomely. I swam relaxed and got out of transition quickly then cruised through the first part of the twisty mountain bike course.

I felt my legs coming around just before the first and basically the only climb, which is when I realized I had caught up to Emma (who would eventually finish 2nd)…and then was keeping her in sight, which made me think – whoaaaa I am KEEPING UP WITH EMMA ON AN UPHILL!! 😀

I caught a few other ladies on my way down “blood rock” and was just about to try to get around CJ to ride myself into 2nd when I felt my rim hit the dirt. NOOOOOOOO

And then my fault I couldn’t stay in the race. I hadn’t checked my CO2 adapter and so getting a tube to inflate with my CO2 was a bit of a fail. DNF.

Who knows how my race would have ended up because 10km in the humidity is still a long ways, but it would have been great to see how my legs felt after a solid bike effort. Especially because I was ready for the heat and humidity this year with my Osmo Preload Hydation!

At least I made it back to the homeland of Collingwood, Ontario for some family QT and getting reacquainted with the trails there.

Andddd squeezed in a post-race-meltdown induced girls trip to spread the mtb love with my sister and good friend Jennie in Cumberland. Pretty much the best way to snap myself out of a feeling-sorry-for-myself funk.

Unfortunately I have had to abandon my pursuit of the rest of the American tour, as my financial situation is too precarious to handle the stress of travel expenses and time away from work. Frustrating, heartbreaking, reality.

But I am excited to embrace some more hard work and hard races around BC throughout the summer, including XTERRA Victoria July 5th.

…Oh ya and the Victoria 70.3 this weekend instead of Richmond. 😮

Should be interesting 😉

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