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XTERRA Victoria and BC Champs

Ok, what even happened in June?! Good thing I kept some photo evidence to remember!

I decided to pack as much local racing as I could into June because why not? One 80km road race, one Ironman 70.3, one weekend off, one BC mountain bike championship, one XTERRA, lots of physio-ing, followed by lots of fatigue…and hopefully lots of fitness 😀

Late night arrival to Whistler for BC Cup/BC champs

Whistler problems

Whistler problems

I won a mountain bike race!! It sure helps when you don’t have to race the reigning world champ for a local race win 😉 But was happy to come away from this race with some confidence in my skills, fitness, and ability to perform in the heat. It was 36deg that day and we started at 2:30 in the afternoon. It was worse than Maui.

Doing something “fun” and awesome with my extra awesome sister who had to stand in the above mentioned heat to hand me water bottles during the race so I wouldn’t die. Our fun activity turned into hike/running up to Garibaldi Lake.


Even though I was complaining like a small child on the walk down…my legs hurtttt, when is this hill overrrr, I’m hungryyyy…the view and jump in the glacier lake was totally worth it.

IMG_1041      IMG_1046

Caught the last ferry Sunday night and made it over the the Sunshine Coast for a couple days of “rest” and inspiration watching how fast these guys and girls can ride for 7 days straight!


Another couple of ferry rides Wednesday to get back to Victoria and get ready for XTERRA.

Great XTERRA race day photos by

Jodi Mucha

Matt Reid


Matt Reid Photography: click on his name above for more pics

Overall a great month of racing. It’s always disappointing to unravel at the end of a race that started out well, but my running is still coming along slowly as I slowly figure out my work-life-training balance.

(Speaking of work-life-training balance, extra congrats to Danelle for hanging in for 4th place on your 4th mountain bike ride of the year!!)

I’m excited to represent the Off-Road girls at a few more BC mountain bike events this season.

Thanks again to Monique, Human Powered Racing, and Dr. Mark and Derek Hopkins for all your work making sure race day was a great experience for everyone!

Thanks to my local support:

Pro City Racing/Trek Bikes Victoria – from the “help! I signed up for a 70.3 and I need you to make my 4 year old road bike faster!” to the “help! I broke something on my mountain bike!…again!”… you guys are the best 🙂 Synergy Health Centre Special thanks to Dr. Barber, DC, Nicole, PT (IMS), Emily and Jessica, RMT for helping me get over another “sitting injury” following travel back from Ontario

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