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Maintaining balance through the race season

The month of May marks the beginning of the physiotherapy busy season, which is a great reminder for me to pace myself in training and racing.

Many of the swim-bike-run injuries we see are a result of accumulative stress and faulty mechanics. Read more

David Epstein’s The Sports Gene

Over the Christmas break I finally sat down and finished David Epstein’s the Sports Gene…and 3 months later have now found some time talk about it. Read more

Dialing in your Run Warm-Up

Most of know that completing a warm-up is beneficial for performance and injury prevention, but exactly how we should warm up is a bit complicated. Read more

The Receiving End of Healthcare

For the first time since Thanksgiving last October I am feeling like a normal person. Over the past 2 weeks I have had enough energy to get through my training, work, and daily living. Something that has eluded me for the past year.

All because of a few changes to my diet and supplement routine. Read more

My Favourite Blogs of 2012

What my desk/kitchen table looks like almost always

What my desk/kitchen table looks like almost always

I think I might spend a little too much time on the internet…

Here are my favourite blogs of 2012, encompassing info from racing to rehab to coaching to women in sport.

(In no particular order, except my top 3 at the end of the list) Read more