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Transrockies 2013

Stage races are a wonderful way to blast your legs and boost your fitness. Although many pro athletes line up at these events looking for the W, the event is usually built into their plan as a fun and challenging way to boost fitness for “A” races. Read more

Our Week in Tennessee

May 25th is a while back now but I wanted to put something together to recap the inaugural BE Race Series weekend. The effort our friends at Breakthrough Endurance put into this weekend is worthy of a delayed report.

The day after XTERRA Southeast champs we shuttled up to Gallatin, Tennessee to get ready for a brand new race on the off-road circuit: the BEast of the Southeast. Read more

Winter this year

Took advantage of a week off and went to visit my sister in Vancouver with a bonus day trip to Whistler.

West coast people always told me about this…bike one day, ski the next…but it is still blowing my mind a bit. Not the first time I’ve said this but: why did I not move out here sooner??

The weather in Victoria the past few weeks has been extremely bike-friendly. So great to avoid the trainer.

Top of Observatory hill

Top of Observatory hill with a few of the speedy LifeSport ladies

Following the boys around Mt Work

Following the boys around Mt Work

Quick loop of the park before work last week

Quick loop of the park before work last week

And this weekend!…

Guaranteed good time in Erin Button's company :)

Guaranteed good time in Erin Button’s company

Thanks Sammy D and Liz for the awesome company…Sammy for the tour guiding and letting us stop to take pictures! And Erin for the usual uncontrollable laughter 🙂