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Posts tagged ‘Synergy’

Maintaining balance through the race season

The month of May marks the beginning of the physiotherapy busy season, which is a great reminder for me to pace myself in training and racing.

Many of the swim-bike-run injuries we see are a result of accumulative stress and faulty mechanics. Read more

My July of Awesome: Happy One-Year-Anniversary-on-the-West-Coast to me

So its August already eh? I really did have great intentions to blog more often. Then my athlete-physio life happened. Read more

The Receiving End of Healthcare

For the first time since Thanksgiving last October I am feeling like a normal person. Over the past 2 weeks I have had enough energy to get through my training, work, and daily living. Something that has eluded me for the past year.

All because of a few changes to my diet and supplement routine. Read more