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My July of Awesome: Happy One-Year-Anniversary-on-the-West-Coast to me

So its August already eh? I really did have great intentions to blog more often. Then my athlete-physio life happened. Read more

Winter this year

Took advantage of a week off and went to visit my sister in Vancouver with a bonus day trip to Whistler.

West coast people always told me about this…bike one day, ski the next…but it is still blowing my mind a bit. Not the first time I’ve said this but: why did I not move out here sooner??

The weather in Victoria the past few weeks has been extremely bike-friendly. So great to avoid the trainer.

Top of Observatory hill

Top of Observatory hill with a few of the speedy LifeSport ladies

Following the boys around Mt Work

Following the boys around Mt Work

Quick loop of the park before work last week

Quick loop of the park before work last week

And this weekend!…

Guaranteed good time in Erin Button's company :)

Guaranteed good time in Erin Button’s company

Thanks Sammy D and Liz for the awesome company…Sammy for the tour guiding and letting us stop to take pictures! And Erin for the usual uncontrollable laughter 🙂

2012 Thank Yous

Maui Finish Line. Great shot taken by Nils Nilsen

Maui Finish Line. Great shot taken by Nils Nilsen

I love that Nils managed to capture this photo – crossing the finish line. Rewind 5-10years and finishing a world championship triathlon event as a professional is something I would have thought impossible for me to accomplish. In fact, I probably would have laughed in your face if you told me that’s what I would be up to in my late 20s.

2012 was my first year as a pro on the XTERRA circuit. And what a year it was!

In summary: I had a stable-full-time physiotherapy position, moved up to the pro league in XTERRA, changed coaches, quit my job, moved to Collingwood, no jobs in Collingwood, decided to move to Victoria, drove across the country, completely broke, found a new job/apartment/everything, started new job, less broke, sprained ankle, raced XTERRA world champs in Maui, worked a lot, bruised/maybe broke ribs, immune system fail, back to Ontario for Christmas, slept a lot. Happy 2012 is behind me!

To everyone that has supported me this year and over the past couple of years – THANK YOU. Becoming an endurance athlete has been an interesting adjustment.

Specialized Canada, specifically Kevin Winters and Hannah Parish. I couldn’t be happier to have broken my bike frame in May 2011 and have Kevin lend me his Stumpjumper 29er for basically my entire season! I have had a ton of fun racing your bikes and being involved at your events. I hope to be a part of your company for years to come.

Honsberger Physiotherapy and Biomechanics Clinic. I am so lucky to have started my career with you. Thank you for your education and dedication to best practices. I know I have an excellent foundation that I can build upon.

Squire John’s. Sorry for frequently breaking things but thanks for putting them back together! You are all truly awesome at what you do and I’m so grateful you helped me get started…especially considering XTERRA doesn’t exist in Ontario!

Sean Bechtel and Barrie Shepley and the C3 crew in Caledon. For keeping all of us Ontario-based triathletes fit and entertained during the winter. It was great to be part of your huge role in the community that supports healthy, active living at all ages.

Dr. Jamie Grimes, Dr. Todd Levins, and the Synergy staff – for helping me keep my health and body together and for HIRING me!!

Clint Lien of Mercury Rising Triathlon. Sooo…swimming is really hard. Major breakthroughs for me because of your guidance! Thanks for all your hours on the pool deck and hilarious but effective encouragement, for example:

Katie: I think I’m started to get it. Clint: If you think you’re anywhere close to getting it I will beat you with a stick. HA! Point taken: lots of work to do!

Melanie McQuaid for your coaching, mentoring, friendship, and literally putting a roof over my head when I got to Victoria!! Thanks for having more belief in my abilities than I do most of time. I doubt I would have stuck with the racing to the extent I have without your support.

My parents!!! For everything!…good genes, an active childhood, and endless, selfless support…even when you think I’m being a bit crazy. Because I know at the beginning most people who knew me were thinking: Triathlon? Are you f#$%ing kidding me?