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XTERRA Canmore!

Xterra Canmore Race Report

By Katharine Wilson

A Canadian race at it’s finest! Where else does the temperature drop 20deg leading up to race day, there are snowy peaks soaring up on either side of you, the mountain biking is all raw mud roots & rocks, and you have to carry bear spray for the whole race in case you cross paths with a grizzly…? CANMORE, Alberta, Canada. Read more

XTERRA West Champs and Quitting

All things considered, I’m happy with my first attempt at Vegas, which is basically the anti-Canadian course.

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XTERRA World Championships 2013: Lessons in Preparation and Physics

Someone kill me. Read more

XTERRA East Champs

Want to know what happens when you are a triathlete and you complain about running? At your next race the swim gets cancelled and you get to race a duathlon! Read more

XTERRA Southeast Champs


photo credit: Trey Garman

After spending my winter learning how to manage my fatigue and figuring out what food I can tolerate, I realized this season would be another one focusing on gaining experience and mileage while trying not to worry about the numbers on the clock. Still working on the basics.

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